Dental Crowns for Baby Teeth

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A dental crown, which is also called a cap, is custom made to cover the visible part of a tooth. It is used to restore the shape, size, strength, and appearance of a tooth.

Dental crowns are generally recommended for the permanent teeth. However, our dentist in Appleton, WI, may recommend a dental crown for your child’s primary tooth in some situations. A dental crown may be needed on a primary tooth if it is so damaged by decay that it cannot support a dental filling. One or more dental crowns can protect your child’s teeth if he or she has a high risk for tooth decay. Crowns may be especially helpful if your child has a hard time keeping up with daily oral hygiene. For a child that has a hard time cooperating during dental treatment, our dentist may recommend dental crowns so that general anesthesia will not have to be used as often. If our dentist decides to place a dental crown on a primary tooth, he will likely recommend a stainless steel crown.

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