How to Prevent Dental Emergencies While You’re Traveling

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If you are planning a trip, it’s best to plan for your smile as well. There’s nothing worse than experiencing a dental emergency while you’re on the road, so it’s best to avoid it at all costs. To help you do so, our McKinnon Dental team recommends doing the following things:

-Avoid major dental treatment: Sometimes major dental treatments require more than one dental appointment, which is why it’s best to avoid starting treatment right before you leave on your trip. If you do start treatment right before, you might get caught traveling with half of your smile restored or you might even suffer from oral pain while you are away. So, it’s best to complete the treatment and recovery period before your trip or wait to treat your smile until after your vacation.

-Fix dental issues: If you have a loose dental filling or crown, it’s best to fix it before you travel. If you don’t, the restoration might fall out of your mouth and cause major issues and oral pain. No one wants that. So, the best thing you can do is get the problem fixed before you hit the road.

-Maintain proper oral hygiene: The best way to keep your oral health in tip-top shape is to maintain proper oral hygiene. If you brush your teeth twice a day, floss your smile once a day, and rinse your mouth daily with mouthwash, you will have the strong smile that can prevent major dental issues.

Even though these tips are extremely beneficial, oral injuries can still occur. So, if you would like to know what to do in a traumatic dental emergency, please remember that you can always call 920-739-1181 and talk to your dentist in Appleton, WI, or a member of our team at your earliest convenience. Dr. McKinnon is more than happy to help you, and we look forward to your phone call!